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Paolo Penna

Paolo Penna

Research Areas

Machine Learning

Machine Learning image

Information-theoretic / computational limits

Generative adversarial networks

Explainable AI methods

Algorithmic Game Theory / Microeconomics

Algorithmic Game Theory image

Auction Theory / Mechanism Design

Game Dynamics and Equilibria

Multi-agent Systems

Algorithms & Complexity / Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science image

Approximation Algorithms

Computational Complexity / Hardness

Online Algorithms

Some Projects

Energy-Tunable Combinatorial Algorithms (Swiss National Science Foundation project).
Some papers: (Dual-Mode Greedy Algorithms...), (Optimal Sorting...), (Optimal Dislocation...), (Sorting with Recurrent...), (Inversions from Sorting...), (Sorting processes...).

Two older research projects (still working on them): Distributed Algos and Game Theory and Incentive Compatible Mechanisms (summary of some results).